Android 4.1x – 4.3

Here we show you where you can edit the DNS for a WIFI connection in Android. 3G or LTE connections cannot be changed, because the traffic is transmitted via the cell phone network and is terminated by your cell phone provider in their internet network. You also have to change the DNS for every WIFI network you use. You just have to do it once. If your Smartphone or Tablet connects again to this network the previously saved DNS settings will be used.

1. System Preferences

Open system preferences in the right upper corner.


2. Connection Tab

Tap on tab “Connections”.


3. Select current connection

Tap on your current active connection until the window pops up and tap on “Modify network config”


4. Show advanced options

Tap on “Show advanced options”.


5. IP settings

Go to IP settings and select “Static” here.


6. Enter the IP address

In the section DNS enter now the IP address from our FreeDNS servers and tap on “Save”.