Surf freely. No DNS redirects. No Logging.


Why you use DNS and you (maybe) don't know it

If you request a webpage in your Web browser the DNS looks up the associated server. This server retrieves the website you requested.

You need it and you have it anyway, and it is preconfigured, so you may never heard of it.

Why DNS can be manipulated by your access provider

The DNS is preconfigured in your Internet access settings of your device and it uses the DNS of your access provider.

Access providers have a lot of reasons to redirect traffic. Lets say you enter an address which does not exist, you do not get a plain answer that the domain does not exist, your access provider can redirect it to a portal or to a site with advertising.

In some countries they have to block specific sites of various reasons. Sometimes the block lists are out of date or they can contain wrong domains. If you request such a domain your provider will not let you access it and he redirects the DNS query to another server and you don't see what you expected.

So third parties can control via the access provider and the DNS, what content is available for you or not.

Why is No DNS logging so important?

Remember: Every site you request, is looked up in the DNS to retrieve the content of the associated server. This means if you click a link, if you google something, if you enter the domain directly in the browser - the way how you request a site does not matter. Every request is looked up in the DNS System.

Some access providers are forced to log the queries or some of DNS operators logging the queries because it contains valuable data: Your complete surf history. And this information can be very valuable for some parties.

We at never log queries. The logging of DNS lookups is disabled on our servers!

Why is freeDNS free?

DNS is an essential service, everybody uses it and the most people don't know about it. And on the other hand it is the easiest service to manipulate it.

But the consequences of a manipulated DNS can be fatal. Sites with critical information cannot be reached anymore. Ultimately, it can cause that third parties can influence the formation of opinion.

We believe that information must be correctly accessible, uncensored and every site in the internet should be accessed. A website that violates applicable law, needs to be taken down by judgments against the operator.

We want that everyone in the internet is able to access sites without restrictions and therefore we offer our service for free. Of course we welcome donations to cover our costs.

Do you like our service?

If you use our service and if you like it, we are happy even for a little money to cover the costs of the servers.